Making-of of the music video ‘Dziewczyno’ Kapela Ciupaga

31 Jul 2017

The work on the music video last about 2 months. As a first step, the idea was created together with Kapela Ciupaga, than the script and animatic were written. When the script became accepted, we started to organize filming location.

The music video was recorded in 10 location. It was big project and every minute had to be properly planned. There were almost 180 shots taken. Make-up specialist and stylist were responsible for appearance of an actress Agnieszka Kaczorowska and members of the Kapela Ciupaga. Film crew had an aggregate to provide power to cameras and lighting. After the shots, it was a time for editing the recorded material. There were few terabytes! During the editing, directors chose scenes that we can find in the final version, made a color correction and postproduction of the video.