Motion Capture Studio

The studio as the first in Poland provides the access to the Vicon Cara technology, used to capture facial expressions

The equipment of the Motion Capture studio gives you the ability to apply motion capture techniques used by the leading producers of films and computer games, e.g. Avatar, The Hobbit, Witcher game or Tomb Rider.

The creation of the facial animation has never been so easy thanks to the high-resolution cameras, allowing to register every single detail!

  • Films and visual effects
  • Postproduction
  • Gaming industry
  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Advertising and entertainment
  • Outdoor events and Virtual Reality live
  • Medicine
  • Scientific research (body biometrics)
  • Military experimental tests
  • Extreme sports
  • 14 cameras (16 mpx) Vicon T-160 + 2 cameras (16 mpx) Vantage V16
  • Vicon Cara
  • The operator’s post (graphics station, 2 view monitors)
  • Equipment of the actor: 6 suits and 6 sets of markers
  • Accessories: swords, spears, shields, rifles (on request we can provide for props, tailored to the customer’s needs)
  • Recording room: 7m x 10m
  • Supplementary sports hall: 72m x 16m x 8m


Equipment specification:

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