3D Scanning and 3D Printing Studio

The equipment of the studio allows for a comprehensive work, related to the materialization of 3D objects, scanning of real objects or, by a combination of both functions, copying existing elements..

The core elements of this studio are two 3D printers that allow to materialize any object on the basis of the threedimensional model.

The customers using this equipment will have the possibility to perform the 3D printing in a safe and easy way.

Examples of 3D print application


Thanks to the advanced performance precision, the 3D mock-ups are very detailed and low cost.


3D printing allows to create unique items, i.e. souvenirs for customers.


3D print can assist in creation of unique objects, tools, toys or daily applicances.


The 3D technology allows to test the product at an early production stage, in order to check its functionality or look.


Non-standard shapes and a modern design allows to apply the 3D printing to obtain unique, original decorations, ornaments or jewellery.


3D printing is a treat for model-making fans. It allows to create even most sophisticated models of cars, machines, statues etc.

The studio is supplemented by the 3D objects scanner. It allows to transmit any object into its digital model. The scanner allows to copy big and small objects, as well as display more or less complex shapes. Every object can be scanned regardless of its shape, color, or texture.

Sample applications of 3D scanner


3D scanner can be applied to model objects, supporting i.e. movie and computer games producers in the 3D graphics creation.


Thanks to its metrological accuracy, the scanner can be used as measuring device in reverse engineering and quality control.


The scanning technology allows to adopt a safe and touchless digitalization of the museum resources.


Equipment Specification

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