The Auditorium is a professionally prepared conference and lecture room, housing 98 seats, a scene and a director’s booth. The hall is equipped with a professional stage lighting system (controlled from the director’s booth or from the tablet) and a multimedia lectern, allowing to connect devices that enable a smooth conduct of conferences or other events.

The vision system is a cinema projector Barco allowing to display pictures with a 4K resolution, and another projector NEC FullHD. The movie is displayed on an electric screen located behind the scene.

The media server allows any device performing the projection to be connected, as well as a movie display. The media server is connected to the building network with a dedicated fiber link. The same connection is also available at the director’s booth, an advantage allowing remote work on a movie on a quick and high-efficiency online edit stand.

The auditorium is equipped with a conference Dolby sound system. Another profit is a simultaneous interpretation system, along with interpreter stands in the director’s booth.
Thanks to the equipment with advanced camera systems, it is possible to display the image from the Auditorium in neighboring areas, i.e. training rooms, canteen or cafeteria. All events in the Auditorium can also be transmitted in real time, as an online streaming.