Training and examination services

The  equipment of laboratories and of the building of the Technological Park 3.0 MMC Brainville allows for a comprehensive conduct of trainings in comfortable conditions, using top-tier software and hardware infrastructure.

A remarkable strength of the Park is its status of an Authorized Academic Partner Autodesk. Since 2014,  the Technological Park 3.0 MMC Brainville has been a certified training centre of the company Autodesk.
We allow you to sit Autodesk certification exams as well as to participate in the authorized certification trainings.

Trainings offered in our Park:

Comprehensive organization of trainings (from different branch)

(training room, equipment and catering)

Rental of training rooms

(conference rooms, training rooms, auditorium)

Rental of scenical equipment

(wall screens, projectors screens, videoconferencing system, microphones, sound equipment, stage lightening, open-air stage)

Sharing human potential 

(coaches from different branches cooperate with Technology Park)

Facilitate a multimedia totems to project an advertising-informational content in the Park

Rental of workstations and laptops

Rental of workstations and laptops with software